The Startup Masterclass

Masterclasses 2022

Applications for the Spring 2022 Startup Masterclass are open.

The 5-Day Program

You spend five days with us over three weeks to shape, structure, and improve your product. The Masterclass is uniquely tailored to your challenges and can consist of but is not limited to the following services.

UX/Design Review - Masterclass

UX/Design Review

We review your product or service and provide a detailed feedback report consolidating opportunities and risks in your approach.

Moreover, we'll formulate the recommendations to improve your UX and Design.

Interface Design

Together we'll explore different design directions. You get the critical customer touchpoints designed by us and can use them for your product or inspiration.

Additionally, we'll provide a basic design system that you can build on going forward.

Interface Design - Masterclass
Customer Testing - Masterclass

Customer Testing

We conduct the testing for you and cover test user compensation. We provide you with consolidated testing notes and help you to identify common characteristics of potential customers.

Additionally, you'll get the recommendations for how to advance your product.

Tech Support

Together we review and discuss your technology challenges and opportunities. Whether you need advice on setting up your development team or have a specific challenge at hand already, our dev team is available to help you.

Tech Support - Masterclass
Business Evaluation - Masterclass

Business Evaluation

We provide you with an outside perspective. We will challenge your business case, value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and overall business setup if needed.

We fell on our face many times and make sure that you can leverage these learnings to get ahead quicker.

Apply, benefit, decide

The next Masterclass takes place in April 2022.

For this batch we select two startups from Switzerland out of all the applications.

After the Masterclass, both you and we decide independently about a potential partnership beyond the 5-Day Program.

If we partner, headbits will invest up to CHF 100’000 cash in your seed round and offer 50% of our UX/Design work for free for the first year.

Other mention-worthy advantages

  • You get to know us, how we work, and how we can help before we become an investor.
  • We provide cost-effective UX/Design services until you are ready to take over.
  • We have the same goal, advancing your product and company.