We foster positive ideas

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From chaos to blueprint


We do the heavy lifting to shape your business strategy, digital aspirations and human capital, turning obstacles into a coherent solution blueprint.

From idea to product

Design & Development

We build interfaces, handle software operations and create delightful digital products, effectively managing the entire web development lifecycle for you.

From product to positive impact


We allocate capital to NGOs, early stage ventures and in-house products that reflect the change we'd like to see in this world, fostering positive ideas at scale.


Jonas Wittlin, CTO

Jonas embodies a rare combination of technological skills and specialized business knowledge. He completed his informatics education while working for the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland. He has previously supported the football club FC Basel as a client, which — as a die- hard FC Zurich fan — was the perfect stakeholder management challenge.

Joël Zünd, Junior Consultant

Prior to joining headbits, Joël worked for the Swiss ICT Investors Club where he helped to connect smart money to early-stage tech startups. He also used to work in HR for the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. He loves to play ice hockey and is currently juggling work and studies in economics.

Johannes Gros, Senior Developer

Johannes developed the backend of the TV streaming service Wilmaa and balanced usage peaks without breaking a sweat. Educated in Information Technology and Business Informatics in Hannover, his certificate of proficiency reads like a list of Google search results for operating systems, databases, programming languages and web technologies.

Dom Zuend, Founder & CEO

Dom holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Zurich. He dropped out of the Master's program in Social, Organisational and Business Psychology to pursue a startup opportunity presented to him by the University of St.Gallen back in 2011. Startup lessons learned. He's been running headbits since 2014.

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